Scholarships / grants

GFC scholarships for PhD students

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We are delighted to announce the list of awardees of the PhD students scholarships (free registration at the conference) :

Isabelle Viegas, Fernanbuco, Brazil; Warda Boutegrabet, Reims, France ; Sara Mostafapour, Shiraz, Iran; Victor Cardoso, Campinas, Brazil; Polina Turora, Moscou, Russia; Valeria Da Fonseca, Leuven, Belgium; Manokaran Veeramani, Madras, India; Zara Rasouli, Newcastle, Australia; Rodrigo de Oliveria, Barcelona, Spain; Victor Ferreira, Campinas, Brazil.

Making a selection from the 30 applications we received was a very difficult task for the organizing committee.

ccCTA grants for young researchers

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The Centre de Compétences en Chimie et Toxicologie Analytiques (ccCTA) will support the participation at the CAC2020 up to 500 CHF (oral communication - 300 CHF - poster presentation) to 3 young researchers.

Eligibility criteria:

  • Within 5 years of obtaining highest degree
  • Member of a Swiss Laboratory involved or interested in the analytical or toxicological analysis
  • Registered to attend the conference • Attend the conference in person and present the awarded abstract.

How to apply:

  • Motivation letters and abstract that are submitted for grants has to be sent to the President of ccCTA : Prof. A. Thomas (aurelien.thomas(at) and will be reviewed by the Association Board.
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